How i carry my gear for day trips.

One question I usually get is what bag to use when I am out droning. For me it has always been important to be able to bring as much camera gear as possible without ruining the comfort of the hike itself. The choice of bag always depends on what kind of hike or adventure you are about to do. In this blog post I'm gonna talk about what bag I use for my easier hikes and day trips. The ones that doesn't require tents and a overnight stay. For my latest trip to the Seychelles i brought Manfrottos new bag the hoover 25. 

The hoover 25 is made for droning and it fit my needs for all of my day trips when i bring my Mavic and DJI Osmo as well as one of my cameras. What I like about it is the easy reach to the drone which makes everything go so much faster. Within two minutes I can be up in the air and fly the drone without having to repack or look for missing parts in the backpack. The bag is very well organized and just makes life as a Mavic operator easier. The fact that I can get pretty much all the camera gear I need for a day trip and still got room for more is vital.

When I bring more gear I usually use a bigger bag and that is something that always catch attention from people around. Instead of spending time on droning i usually end up having a conversation with people showing interest in what I do. With the hoover 25 i can focus on the droning and do what i love the most in a quick and comfortable way.

If you want to try this bag out for yourself you can find it trough this link.