An Imaginary World

I created a new film and i hope there will come a lot more from that department in the near future. I have around three years of unseen Aerial Footage saved and as soon as i got some spare time i will put that into creating personal projects like this. The film is shot with my drones DJI Phantom 4 PRO and DJI Mavic Pro and edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Music: Blake Ewing - Geographia (Music Licensed trough Musicbed)

In Imaginary World - I Hope you enjoy


Webinar & Article with Adobe

Yesterday i held my first Live Stream hosted by Adobe. People could follow me from the start to finish in my processing of images in Adobe Lightroom and ask questions as i went. This was a very cool experience for me as i could get in contact with my following on a different level then i am used to. First of all Thank you Adobe for hosting such a cool event, but also a big Thank you to all of you who showed up and made this evening very special. For those of you who missed out on the Live Stream and still are interested in watching it you can still do so. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it.


Adobe Article & Airpixels

Another proud moment in my career was this very well written article from Serena Fox in the Create Magazine. I know how hard it is to actually end up in the create magazine so believe me when i say it meant a lot. The story gives you my take on pretty much everything from how i started out, how i look at imaging and pretty much everything around me.

Tobias Hägg - Fly like an eagle


California Dreaming

California ! Such a soothing place for the mind and soul. The past 2 weeks i have been exploring everything from Deserts to Rainforests. One day caught in a snowstorm in Avalanche areas, the next relaxing at the beach. Best part of it all i got to do it together with my little brother Simon

Airpixelsmedia is growing and a lot is happening behind the scenes and soon i can tell you more about it. I applied for a job as content creator at Beautiful Destinations and out of 65 000 applicants i was chosen for the final interview. 

Other then that i got some exciting news. In the upcoming weeks i will hold a live web seminar where i will edit pictures live and you together with 700k other people are invited to tag along and chat with me in real time as i work. I will bring you all the details as we get closer to the event. Up next i will Travel to Costa Brava, Spain And the beautiful islands of Greece.

With time i will do a bigger update about the California adventures. Until Then.

Fly Safe, 


Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach.