Airpixels at Fotografiska

It finally happened ! My first exhibition is now up and running at Fotografiska and i couldn't be more proud and happy with how it all turned out. It was a treat meeting so many of you already on the first day of the exhibition and i can not describe how happy i am that i got the chance to talk and listen to so many of you. A big thank you to Mathias Sjöström for helping me produce and display my images just the way i wanted.

So, I am one of the exhibitors in this years edition of Fotografiskas exhibition The Autumn Salon that is running from 6 October — 3 December, 2017 at Fotografiska in Stockholm. If you are around or close to Stockholm i suggest you go have a look. It is definitely an amazing set up and i was truly inspired by all the photographers in the Exhibition.

The Autumn Salon at Fotografiska is the largest juried exhibition of Swedish photography. It is a tribute to Sweden’s photographers, established as well as amateurs, open to everyone who resides in Sweden. This is the fourth edition of Fotografiska’s Autumn Salon, which showcases Swedish photography as its best.

Fotografiska’s Autumn Salon has established itself as a tradition that holds up a mirror to our times. With its wealth of expressions, emotions and techniques, the exhibition captures the Zeitgeist and presents a kind of collective, subconscious reflection of contemporary currents, comprising everything from personal photographic projects developed over time, to professional photographers who use the camera as a tool in their artistic practices. This year nature takes a front seat. 

Tobias / Airpixels

Airpixels at Fotografiska

Airpixels at Fotografiska

Webinar & Article with Adobe

Yesterday i held my first Live Stream hosted by Adobe. People could follow me from the start to finish in my processing of images in Adobe Lightroom and ask questions as i went. This was a very cool experience for me as i could get in contact with my following on a different level then i am used to. First of all Thank you Adobe for hosting such a cool event, but also a big Thank you to all of you who showed up and made this evening very special. For those of you who missed out on the Live Stream and still are interested in watching it you can still do so. Let me know in the comments what you thought about it.


Adobe Article & Airpixels

Another proud moment in my career was this very well written article from Serena Fox in the Create Magazine. I know how hard it is to actually end up in the create magazine so believe me when i say it meant a lot. The story gives you my take on pretty much everything from how i started out, how i look at imaging and pretty much everything around me.

Tobias Hägg - Fly like an eagle