An Imaginary World

I created a new film and i hope there will come a lot more from that department in the near future. I have around three years of unseen Aerial Footage saved and as soon as i got some spare time i will put that into creating personal projects like this. The film is shot with my drones DJI Phantom 4 PRO and DJI Mavic Pro and edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Music: Blake Ewing - Geographia (Music Licensed trough Musicbed)

In Imaginary World - I Hope you enjoy


Airpixels X Fjällräven Classic

The journey begins in a birch forest in Nikkaluokta (Sweden). 2000 adventurers ready to hit the king's trail and walk the 110km from Nikkaluokta to Abisko National Park. It’s an epic journey in a vast, rugged wilderness way above the Arctic Circle also known as the Fjällräven Classic. Alongside with trekkers from all around the globe i set out on a adventure i will always remember. Despite the different levels of experience in the outdoors, we all shared the same love for nature.

Small dreams can become big adventures

Small dreams can become big adventures

The walk is very long and at times you have to do it in very hard conditions. Along the way you will meet people who eventually will become your friends. Friends that will help you when its tough and laugh with you when it is easy. It's a connection between people that is hard to describe but actually exist. 


The King's Trail

The King's Trail

Surrounded by natures giants and Swedens highest Peaks you will walk in a trashfree environment with permission to camp anywhere you see fit due to the right of public access we have here in Sweden. Water is free and provided by nature for you to drink whenever you are in need but don't waste it.


As always when i am out and live completely on the outdoors i learn a lot of new things about myself and my love for nature always grows stronger. The Fjällräven Classic is definitely something i will do again and hopefully something you will join me in doing for 2018. If you did the Classic this year feel free to reply with your experinces around the event.

Tobias (Airpixels)


The Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access

New Year & New Goals

2017 is here and a very good year as Airpixels has come to an end. With the new year rising new goals has been set and I am very eager to start the work. The new year couldn't have started better as I got recognition for all the hard work I did last year. I was on the top 50 Photographer of the year list on numerous sites and on the first day of 2017 i got an article at

Links to top 50 Photographer : Fubiz & Fromwhereidrone

iGNANT is an award-winning online magazine featuring the best in Art, Photography, Design, Fashion and Architecture. Link to article : Airpixels Aerial Landscapes

Just as the year was about to change i managed to get one last adventure. I traveled to Swedens largest waterfalls located in Åre and as always seeing something for the first time is just magic.

Happy New Year !