Dolomites, The Aerial Journey

Recently got back home from the Dolomites, My home away from home. In the Dolomites i got to spend a couple of great days with my friends and fellow Aerial photographers from UK Abstract Aerial Art. The guys made a small movie from our gathering and it became a little story of me doing what i do.

Autumn in the Dolomites is nothing less then pure magic. This is where you most likely will find me during the October months. Here is a few images from this years adventure.

This year is also the first year where you can join me in the Dolomites. Together with Emma Svensson i’m hosting a photography workshop in the Dolomites and we still got a few spots left for our second trip as you can find Here

Islands in the Sky

Islands in the Sky

Earth Pyramids of Dolomites

Earth Pyramids of Dolomites

Images available as Photo Art & Fine Art Here

5 tips how to improve your drone photography

Passion Passport reached out to me and wanted me to write an article based upon my knowledge within drone photography. The link to the article you can find here Passion Passport

Here is the article in full.

Sunset in the Seychelles

Sunset in the Seychelles


I was very interested in photographing things that, from the ground, didn’t actually look as appealing as I thought they would from a bird’s-eye point of view. That’s how my journey with aerial photography began.

So I kept exploring and playing around with environments and subjects that interested me until I found what worked. You have to be yourself if you want to be successful in drone photography. By that, I mean you must photograph and film the things that stand out to you. Shoot it like you see it. The more honest you can be to yourself in your images, the more they will stand out to others.


Knowing your location before taking to the sky will help you prevent accidents. Scout the location from the ground, if at all possible. The more you know about the environment, the better your photography will be.

island 34.jpg


The only way to better your chance of capturing something amazing is to get out and shoot. Experiencing different locations and environments will only further challenge you to push the capabilities of your drone.

Eventually, you’ll know a good drone spot before you even see it from the air.


The curiosity I have of seeing something new for the first time is what drives me. I love seeing things from a perspective no one has ever seen before.

If you’re not curious, why did you get a drone in the first place?

An Imaginary World

I created a new film and i hope there will come a lot more from that department in the near future. I have around three years of unseen Aerial Footage saved and as soon as i got some spare time i will put that into creating personal projects like this. The film is shot with my drones DJI Phantom 4 PRO and DJI Mavic Pro and edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Music: Blake Ewing - Geographia (Music Licensed trough Musicbed)

In Imaginary World - I Hope you enjoy