Oh Faroe !

A week ago i travelled to Faroe Islands together with my little brother Simon on an assignment for #Visitfaroeislands and Atlantic Airways. Faroe Islands is an archipelago located between the Norwegian sea and the North Atlantic just in between the countries Norway and Iceland. 

When we first arrived to Faroe Islands we practically couldn't see anything cause of the heavy mist that had surrounded the islands . But in my mind thats the beauty of the Faroe Islands. Weather changes so fast you cant really predict anything when you are out. It changes from Amazingly beautiful to catastrophic conditions in the blink of an eye and you just have to pay attention cause beautiful moments are all around.

The landscape on Faroe Islands is so unique in its way i can guarantee it will blow your mind away more then once. The mountain formations, the ocean and of course all of the waterfalls that will greet you behind every turn along the way together with the amazing birdlife and sheeps Faroe Islands has to offer. 

One thing i like with Faroe Islands compared to Iceland is that it's not so crowded. Only 48 000 Inhabitants live on the islands which makes room and time for you as a photographer to be alone on many of the spots and really take your time to take the shots you want. We focused a lot on doing longer hikes and just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere on and around Faroe Islands. 

Have you ever been to the Faroe Islands ?

Tobias / Airpixels