About Airpixels

My name is Tobias Hägg. I am a photographer/filmmaker born and based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. I am passionate about adventures and to explore new places from a unique perspective. I work as a photographer and filmmaker and my work has been published practically all around the globe. To name a few of my most recent publications it is National Geographic, The Telegrapher & Daily Mail together with Exhibitions at the Swedish Museum of Photography at Fotografiska.

I am a Official ambassador for the outdoor brand Fjällräven and my heart lies within the nature. I strive for perfection in all my work even though i know perfection isn't something i can achieve. I strive for a unique perspective of life and i am on a constant chase for creative improvement.

I started my Instagram journey under the name of @airpixels and have since that day never looked back. I have been able to travel a lot during this time and i have a lot of interesting travels ahead of me.

My work is often inspired by nature and the beautiful things we usually take for granted. Behind every shot there is an idea of what i would like to accomplish and i hope you will find my work interesting.

A lot of love.